Sunday, March 22, 2009


I'll be at it again today. I spent several hours smashing a shower wall yesterday, and in 20 minutes I'll be at it again.

It's just past 10:00, and I live in a twin house. If my neighbors start pounding earlier than, say, 10:30, well, so does my head... So I'll return the consideration and wait...

It's awesome, though, to smash things! It occurs to me that a major part of survival for our scantily-clad ancestors was their ability to disembowel the animals they killed, to take down tree limbs and bust up firewood, or maybe crack a jaw or two if the other fellow wanted to make time with your hunter-gatherer gal-pal.

I spend a great deal of time assembling things. Around the house, I'm fixing one thing or the other. At the office, both virtually on CAD and sketch paper (and sometimes physically), something's getting put together, usually very delicately. But I rarely ever just grab a blunt instrument and smash the heck out of something. Busting up these walls has been a lot of fun. And I'm counting down the minutes!

It's not just macho, it's my heritage as a human!

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